The Value of Crafting

Welcome to my blog!  I have so much to learn about this blogging thing.  Bear with me…

I have always liked making things.  I grew up with a Mother who was always trying something new (basket-weaving, wood-burning, sewing clothes, cross-stitch, hardanger, spinning yarn, soap making, candle making) so it was only natural for me to try a few things out as well.  My Grandmother taught me to knit and cross-stitch the summer I was 8.  I learned to knit again at 22, after years of watching my sister knit and proclaiming that I would NEVER have the patience for that.  Turns out I do have the patience, and it’s not as hard as I thought it was!  I have to give my Mom credit for teaching me how to sew.  I was her little helper and learned most of what I know from watching her.  Recently I have gotten into modern quilting after discovering a few inspirational blogs (I will post links when I learn how!).  There are many more things I would like to try someday.

In September 2010, I had open heart surgery to replace my Aortic valve. During my recovery, I discovered that the days I crafted, or daydreamed about crafting, I felt happier and more fulfilled.  I decided then that I needed to make creating things a larger focus in my life.  The purpose of this blog is to motivate myself (and others) to keep on crafting!  Creating something out of nothing is such an amazing process.  Embrace the day, create something you love!


One thought on “The Value of Crafting

  1. Hey – I just found this. Cool! I have always thought writing a blog would be a lot of fun. I just have no extra time. I’m excited to read the rest of the entries! 🙂

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