Stepping out of my box

I love my life.  I stay home with the kids, I work once in a while, I do what I want.  However, my life has made me unaccustomed to knowing how to talk to people!  I feel awkward with people I don’t know very well, or at all.  I don’t know how to start a conversation, or keep one going, & I feel like an idiot a LOT!  So I told myself that I would sign up for a class or join some sort of group, this year, that forces me to get out there & talk to people.  So I found a modern quilt guild close to me & went to my first meeting last night!  Yay me!  I was so nervous before I left the house, I kept telling my husband that I was just going to stay home.  He kept telling me to pack up my stuff & GO!  So I listened to him & I went!  It was fun & the people were great.  We had show & tell, showed off swap projects from the last meeting, talked about parenting struggles, then we made wallets out of scrap-booking paper & vinyl.   It was fun & I will definitely go again.

I was going to add photos, but for some reason I can’t make anything work today… so no photos for you!  (I will post them when I my husband fixes the problem) I fixed the problem with my husband’s help.  It went like this…

Me: “My computer is broken.  I can’t get any pictures off my camera.”

Him: “Did you try restarting your computer?”

Me: “No.” Restarted the computer.  “Oh, it works now! Thanks!”

Duh! So now you get pictures! Lucky you!


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