Quilt-Along Dreams & A Survival Scarf

Sleepless nights are not for me. I went to bed at a normal time & as soon as my head hit the pillow, my body said, “I’m not sleeping.”  I tossed and turned until 1:30 and finally got up.  I went back to bed around 4:30, not because I was tired but because I had to try to get some sleep.  The problem was my sometimes obsessive brain.  I found a Quilt-Along to join and was obsessing over what fabric I might use.

Seriously.  That was what was keeping me up.

Anyway, today I found two more Quilt-Alongs to join…

I hope they don’t keep me up at night…

I watched a movie with my Husband last night (A-team, it was better than I expected), & took the opportunity to finish a scarf that has been almost done for a while now.  I’m calling it my Survival Scarf.  I got the yarn for the scarf about a week after my heart surgery, I had some time between Doctor’s visits, so my Mom & I went to check out the yarn shop.  It was sitting there so lovely on the sale shelf, I just couldn’t leave it there.  I spent a lot of my time, in the first couple of months, working on it while riding back & forth between home, the clinic & the hospital.  As soon as I was able to lift & drive again, I put it down & forgot about it.  Well, actually I just got really busy going to cardiac rehab & preschool & clinic visits & trying to keep the house up too.  Well, now it’s done & I can use it!  I love it!  The colors are beautiful & the pattern is pretty too.

Pattern: Misty Chunky Ribs & Ruffles Yarn: Araucania Patagonia


One thought on “Quilt-Along Dreams & A Survival Scarf

  1. Your scarf is lovely! Don’t you love when yarn just calls to you? Makes it so much more rewarding to knit with it.

    After I had my miscarriage last year I couldn’t sleep…at all. It was bad. I started using a natural sleep aid called Melatonin that is sold among vitamins. It worked awesome…just passing along a suggestion that helped me.

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