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I’ve been cutting up a storm! Let me tell you, changing the blade on your rotary cutter is like magic! I knew I needed to do it, but I didn’t realize how much it would make a difference! WOW!

I have the fabric all cut out for the Urban Lattice Quilt-along and the Sliced Coin Quilt-along (see the side bar for links).  I can’t wait to start sewing!



For Urban Lattice Quilt-along

For Sliced Coin Quilt-along




5 year old's drawing of a pillow he wants to make

My 5-year-old decided he would like to make a pillow for his Penguin Pillow-pet.  So I asked him to draw a picture of how he wanted it to look.  He drew this.  The drawings are his loose tooth, a dragon, a volcano with lava, himself, & his Pillow-pet.  How cute is that?!  I will have to work on making this with him.  Any suggestions on how to transfer his ideas to a real pillow?



One thought on “Scrap

  1. Holy cow you have been busy! I love all the stuff you are doing. Can’t wait to be able to do some sewing again, You are making up for my inability to sew for me though:) Love you!

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