Busy as a bee…

Wow… Time really does fly when you’re having fun!  I’ve been busy working on so many projects!  Here are a few…

Cascade Eco Alpaca... so so so soft!

This is the cowl all laid out


Urban Lattice all ready to be sewn up



My 8-year-old held this up for me & kept saying "Ow, this hurts! Ow, this hurts!" so forgive me taking one shot and calling it good!

Stack of triangles ready to be sewn

This is my sewing table right now...

Possible combo for Cherry House Quilt-along

Possible combo for Cherry House Quilt-along

So I am thinking about just making 2 quilts for the Cherry House Quilt-along… They are small, cute, & I can’t decide which color combo I like better.
The other thing I’ve been up to is looking for a new sewing machine.  I have had my current sewing machine for about 10 years.  It is older than me.  It works, but I want to do more than it is able to do. So I am saving my pennies & doing some research.  Hopefully this year will be the year I get a nicer sewing machine!
What kind of sewing machine do you have?  Do you love it or hate it?  Does anyone have a good recommendation for a nice sewing machine that I can free-motion quilt with (& not go broke)?   Or one to stay away from?

6 thoughts on “Busy as a bee…

  1. You are so talented! I LOVE your taste in “linens & strings.” 🙂 Awesome work. Oh, and hi – I’m Amanda. I’ve heard so much about you through Cassie, and your Ben. I couldn’t help but follow your blog!

  2. About sewing machines – mine is ancient. My mom picked it up at a rummage sale for me for $10 and I’ve had it for over a decade, too. For about the past year, it’s been failing me when I need it & I’ve really been itching to get a new one. I only sew small scale projects and do mending here & there, so I don’t need anything fancy. But it sure would be nice to have one that I can count on working when I get a random urge to sew!

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