A Fresh Start: Clean Truck, Skating Lessons, Warm Weather, & Crafting Again

I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t done any crafting all week.  Well, a little knitting at jury duty, but I am feeling like that doesn’t count.  (Yes, I had jury duty.  It was my first time.  Luckily I didn’t get chosen to serve on the jury.  I did love seeing how that whole process works though.)

I do this thing to myself where I start too many things at once, get overwhelmed, & just stop.  Everything.  It’s like I’m saying, “I  will never finish it all, so why try.”  Then after a while I realize that I really won’t finish anything by not doing anything.  So, I start moving again.  Today looks like a good day to start moving again.

My youngest son, had his first ice skating lesson today.  He LOVED it! He couldn’t stop smiling & stepped off the ice with a look of pride, asking when he could do it again.  His passion for things often feeds my own passion.  He gets an idea that he wants to do something, & won’t back down until he’s had a chance to try it.  It’s inspiring to see a 5-year-old so determined to do something.

I have to take a second to comment on the weather (I normally wouldn’t because it’s such an old lady thing to do but what the heck…).  The ice & snow is melting, the sun is shining, my ears aren’t freezing off… what more could I ask for? While I was kid-free this afternoon, I attempted to clear the driveway of all the ice that has accumulated in the past few months.  As I was standing at the huge ice dam at the end of my driveway, the plow guy drove by, stopped, backed up, asked if I wanted some help, & cleared a good 4 feet of ice away!  I would have hugged him if I could have reached him! How nice! Thank you plow man! So since its so nice, I thought I would get the truck washed…. looks like everyone else in town had the same idea!  I’ve been waiting in line for half an hour.  Yawn.  But at least I spent the time wisely, writing this enlightening post!  🙂 Yippee, its my turn!


2 thoughts on “A Fresh Start: Clean Truck, Skating Lessons, Warm Weather, & Crafting Again

  1. Some weeks are like that – no crafting time. For me this has been a very crafty week. With Logan’s surgery I’ve been knitting on some socks for my Mom. I too am loving that everything is melting! This has been the longest winter EVER! It’s just too bad that we have to still expect more snow this winter – ugh.

    • Shhhh! If we don’t say it out loud, maybe we won’t get more! I hope all went well with Logan’s surgery, it’s tough when our kids are sick or hurting… glad you got some knitting time though! 🙂

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