Crazy-Nine Patch Lattice Quilt

Pillows & Quilt for my husband

This is a quilt that I finished a while ago…maybe June?  I followed the free pattern on Oh, Fransson! Crazy Nine-Patch Lattice Quilt .  This was a really fun way to make a quilt!  Stacking & slicing the blocks up, then sewing them back together was interesting because I wasn’t really sure how the block was going to turn out.  I ended up really liking this quilt even with a few issues I had.

  1. I used Minky for the back.  That made it impossible for me to quilt it for some reason.  (I bought a walking foot since, so maybe I would try it again.)
  2. I ended up ripping out my first row of quilting & because I was rushing & working in the dark, ripped a hole in the top… front & center.  (It wasn’t huge… and I fixed it, but I see it every time I see the quilt.)
  3. Because of my difficulty with the Minky backing & my own impatience, I did the envelope style finish… sew it together with right sides together, flip it right sides out.  It looks fine & I am pretty sure my husband doesn’t care, but I wanted it to be nicer for him.
  4. I did some light quilting & it is wrinkly.

I would like to try to use Minky again because it is so soft & cozy to snuggle with, but it makes me nervous after all the struggles I had with it.


7 thoughts on “Crazy-Nine Patch Lattice Quilt

  1. These are great! Are they his TV watching blanekt and pillow? Or is there a special place he is going to use these? Allison has a quilt that Carrie made with minky – it is divine!

  2. I LOVE this!! I have been looking for orange/gray fabrics for my son. I am making a turquoise/gray one for my daughter and they are sharing a room. Do you have a list of the fabrics you used for this? There are a few that I would love to incorporate into my sons quilt, if you are willing to share :). Thank you!!

  3. Super cute quilt. I am having my Nanny make a full size quilt for my son, but she will not attempt anything without a pattern, any ideas/suggestions on where to find or calculate a FULL size quilt out of this one?
    Thanks for any help you can give.

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