Today’s obsession: Pillows

Pillow obsession

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I have wasted my day. Wanna know what I’ve been doing? Looking at beautiful things. The problem is, I have a lot of beautiful things on my sewing table waiting for my attention. I don’t need new ideas to contemplate! I need to finish what I’ve started! I want to make pillows, badly. NOW!

I have decided to make a scrappy Single Girl pillow. I think. I’m just not sure when I can get around to that. I want to try the pattern out before I commit to a whole quilt. The pattern requires templates & some fussy cutting so if it’s not for me I want to know before I have everything cut out for it. Sometimes even if I can’t start a project yet, I feel better having decided what I am going to do next. Sometimes it just overwhelms me & I make 10,000 To Do lists trying to figure out how I can can it all done. Then other times I need to plan something new to get excited to finish what I have started. I guess my day wasn’t wasted after all. I just needed a little motivation to keep going.

What gets you motivated?

Here are the credits for the mosaic:

1. glamour shot, 2. hexagon pillow 1, 3. mod floor pillow, 4. Home cushion, 5. The Pillow Talk {swap} 3 Received!!!, 6. Pillowtalk 3 Received from Quilting Barbie Front, 7. PTS 3 – received, 8. Pillow for Emily, 9. Pillow Talk Swap (ready to send), 10. Pillow Swap – A little bird, 11. Single Girl pillow, 12. Couch pillows!, 13. pillow talk swap~ finished!


One thought on “Today’s obsession: Pillows

  1. Cute pillows! I love the one in the middle. I think I get motivated/inspired in some of the same ways as you. I love to get lost on Ravelry just looking at patterns and what people have done with them. I also am inspired by seeing what all my talented knitting cousins have accomplished. Mostly getting to the end of a knitting project always motivates me figure out what I’m going to work on next. Oh – and deadlines 🙂

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