Mr. Penguin

"Can you make me a penguin that looks like this, Mom?"

Mr. Penguin

I spent my morning making this little guy for my little guy.  My boys are obsessed with penguins.  They each sleep with about 15 penguins every night.  I had no idea how to make a penguin.  I had no pattern.  I would not say I did a great job, but my little guy is happy.  He picked the fabrics, helped sew a few seams on the sewing machine, took a few stitches by hand, stuffed it, & spent a lot of time cutting up the scraps into tiny, little pieces.  He loved working with Mom.  I loved the time we spent working together.  Mr. Penguin (as he was so affectionately named) tagged along to preschool yesterday afternoon & slept in a place of honor all night.   After school, I was informed that Mr. Penguin was hungry so we better make him some fish for dinner.  🙂 So we did.


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