New (to me) technology


Here is a self-portrait I took with my phone using the FREE app, Retro Camera.  The pictures you can take with it are so much fun! You should try it!

Last night I finally set up a Google Reader.  I had no idea what I was missing! If you read a bunch of blogs & don’t have a RSS feed reader set up, DO IT NOW! I have no experience with the different options, so I can’t recommend anything except Google Reader.  I also put a reader app on my phone that uses my Google reader account.  I’m sure I am REALLY behind the times, but if you are too, I recommend you try it.

All my favorite blogs in one place.  Who could ask for more? The only thing I haven’t figured out yet is how to comment from the reader… maybe it’s not possible? I’m thinking I will have to click the title to open the real blog, then leave a comment?  Let me know if you have any experience with these things!


2 thoughts on “New (to me) technology

  1. Neat picture! I wish I had a fancy phone that I could use all the cool apps I hear about. I’m afraid though if I let myself get one that I will over indulge 🙂

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