Scrappy Organization

Fabric selected for do. Good Stitches April (Peace Circle)

I’m so excited to be part of a new circle  for do. Good Stitches {a Charity Bee}!  I am a Quilter for the Peace circle, benefiting My Very Own Blanket.   Each circle is made up of 5 quilters & 5 stitchers.  I am a quilter.  So the stitches make 2 blocks per month & the quilters do the same.  The quilters take turns choosing the patterns & putting the blocks together into a quilt!  We are starting in April & are making blocks from this tutorial.  So I of course immediately went to my scraps to see what I could use & this happened…

Now what?


I sat there for a while, unsure of my next step.  Just separating selvages from scraps wasn’t enough organization.   I’ve never had enough scraps to warrant real organization before.  So I decided to organize by color first.


Multi, Red, Orange (I have a lot of these but they were pulled out already), Yellow, Green Scraps (note to self: use more red & yellow)

Lt. Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Purple

Brown, Black, Grey, White

Tiny Scraps

Then I pulled out all the scraps that were smaller than 2 inches  and put those aside for a Ticker Tape Quilt.  That finally felt like enough organization!  I was not too surprised to see that I don’t use very much red, or yellow.  But in the future I will keep that in mind & try to buy some of that.  Now I need to go through the big tub of fabric downstairs and do that same.  Although I have that organized by collection & am hesitant to break that up.  I might find it liberating though.  I am hoping to tackle setting up a real area for myself soon, with shelves for my fabric!  I’m quickly taking over the Living Room with my “temporary” sewing area.  The other things taking over my house are (in no particular order): laundry in all stages, Legos, toys, to do lists, kid’s books & magazines, preschool artwork…


One thought on “Scrappy Organization

  1. You are getting involved in so many new things through your quilting! It makes me wish I had more time for crafting…ah well. Your organization project and the mess it created reminds me of me and my yarn messes…:) They are the best kind of messes to have though.

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