Room Makeover For My Boys

zigzag quilt

Peek at T's Quilt

barber pole back of quilt

Peek at T's quilt back

brick quilt

Peek at W's quilt

pinwheel back of quilt

Peek at W's quilt back

I am in the (LONG) process of decorating the boys bedroom.  I started these 2 twin sized quilts in September of 2010.  They have been ready to be quilted for 6 months at least.  So why don’t I just get it done?  Well, I am a little nervous to quilt them myself.   I was hoping to have them professionally quilted, but I should probably just do it since I am trying to save my pennies for a new sewing machine!  So here I am committing to you (my 3 very appreciated readers 🙂 ) that I will quilt them when I am done with:

  1. Table Runner for TCSMQG
  2. Quilt Blocks for do. Good Stitches
  3. Sliced Coin Quilt

In my plan for their room is:

  1. Quilts x 2 (waiting to be quilted)
  2. Bed-skirts (fabric bought, pattern found, just waiting for some time)
  3. Paint (we cannot agree on colors)
  4. Build a few shelves for the walls (summer project)
  5. A Map Quilt for their wall (done)
  6. Curtains (done)

Brown linen curtains with patchwork stripes

So here are the Curtains.  (I took this picture a month ago.  We do not have this much snow anymore !! Yay!) They are made with some chocolate-brown linen  I got on my last trip to Anderson Fabrics Outlet in Blackduck, MN with my Mom & Sister.  The colorful bits are leftover scraps from the quilts I made for the boys.  The best part about these curtains is the blackout lining.  No light gets through!  It’s awesome!  The boys are very early risers so I wanted their room to be as dark as possible so they could get more sleep.

Map Quilt front

I found this panel at Joann’s & instantly wanted to make a wall hanging for the boys’ bedroom.  This is the first thing I quilted with my new walking foot!  I just did some straight line quilting, nothing fancy.  The boys are now fighting about which wall to hang this on.

Minnesota on map quilt

boys on tire swing

boys on tire swing

boys on a tire swing

Aren’t they sweet?! I can’t wait for their room to be all finished up.  We have lived here for 4 years now…so it’s been a long time coming!


3 thoughts on “Room Makeover For My Boys

  1. You’ve been at your house for 4 years already? Wow – where does the time go? I love all the pictures you have for stuff for their room – it is going to be awesome when all finished. That map wall quilt is awesome! Logan is in love with maps. He know about half the states by the time he was 4 and lots of countries too. I finally decorated Allison’s room this January…I need to work up the motivation for Logan’s…and you helped!

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