Spring Has Sprung & Bee Blocks Done

Bee blocks for AprilI finished the blocks for do. Good Stitches!  They are in the mail on their way to Katie.  For some reason this item on my To Do List was weighing on me.  Maybe I was nervous I wouldn’t get them done on time, or my work wasn’t good enough, or I was intimidated because everyone else seems to know what they are doing!  Anyway, after getting it done, it really wasn’t any big deal.  The blocks turned out well & it didn’t take all that long.  I’m looking forward to seeing the completed quilt & I hope that the foster child who receives it, loves it.  I’m excited to see what the next month’s block will be.

Yesterday while I was working on the blocks, my 5 year-old REALLY wanted to make brownies, or cookies, or cake, or something!  But, we had no eggs & everything we could think of needed eggs.  Then I thought maybe we could make rice krispie bars, but we had no marshmallows.  Scotcheroos? Salted Nut Bars? Nope, no butterscotch chips.  (Sounds like we need to go to the store…) So he decided to make up his own recipe.

T mixing up his new recipeT’s Delicious New Recipe

  • 5 Tablespoons Water
  • 1 Baby Carrot, shredded
  • 3 splashes Milk
  • 27 Teaspoons Flour
  • 16 Teaspoons Sugar
  • 5 sprinkles Cinnamon
  • 3 shakes of Powdered Sugar
  • 8 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
  • 3  big squeezes of Lemon Juice

It makes something that looks like this….

results of T's new recipeHe wanted to put it in the oven to see what would happen.  I had to draw the line somewhere.  We poured it down the drain.  T tasted it & said it was pretty good, a little sour.  I was too chicken to try it!  🙂

I hope you are all enjoying the beauty that is spring!  The grass across the street is already turning green (for some reason ours still looks dead) & all the birds are back, singing & making their homes.  We have seen some interesting things during the last week:

  1. a HUGE salamander
  2. a wild turkey in the back yard
  3. a squirrel (I know… not all that interesting, but we have NEVER seen one at our house in the 4 years we have lived here)
  4. a purple finch
  5. a coyote
  6. blue-birds, chickadees, & robins are all back, along with the unidentified bird who nests under the deck every year

6 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung & Bee Blocks Done

  1. Your blocks look great! If you see a picture of the finished quilt you’ll have to share it with all of us. I love that T made up his own recipe! I have not been brave enough to let my kids do that…it would be a mess!

  2. I LOVE the fact that you let T make up his own recipe! I had to laugh at the 27 teaspoons of flour. I often let Morgan do this type of stuff too! I think once I let him put it in the oven, it didn’t really turn out. You’re blocks looks great too! You are an amazing quilter! Love you!

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