Table Runner Swap

It’s been a crazy whirlwind kind of life for me lately.  I have had very little time to spend on my relaxing, fun, much-loved hobby.  It was such a relief to walk into the TCSMQG meeting on Wednesday.   I left my stress at the door & enjoyed every minute I was there.  We focused on machine quilting, made name tags, &  did a table runner swap!  It was so fun to see what everyone came up with!  I LOVE gathering with people who share my enthusiasm for all things modern quilting.

table runner both sidesThis is the table runner I made for Kristina.  This project was full of firsts for me.  The top was a challenge.  I didn’t have a pattern, so I made a few mistakes & had to rip everything out, re-cut everything, & start again.  There were a few moments that I wanted to throw it in the garbage because it just wasn’t turning out the way I envisioned it.  Luckily I stuck with it & ended up being pretty happy with the results!  I used a quilt-as-you-go technique for the back.  That was really fun & pretty easy.  Then I did some hand quilting on the front.  I was careful to catch the batting but not go through the backing, so the front quilting doesn’t show on the back.  I’m not sure it would have ended up making a difference, but I really wanted it to reversible if Kristina liked the back.  I was hoping to have enough of the print in the binding to go all the way around, but I didn’t so I found a blue & green (from my Kona roll) that matched. Because I didn’t go through all the layers when I was quilting, I was nervous that it would fall apart or not look good after being washed.  So I washed it & luckily it stayed together & got that nice wrinkly loveliness! (Pictures are pre-washing)

table runner back

The back

table runner

The front

KristinaHere’s Kristina with her new table runner!  🙂

Liz with table topper for meHere’s Liz with the table runner she made for me!  She did a great job & it looks great on my table!

swap runner on my tableSEE!!!

Oh & we made name tags!  Here’s mine, I haven’t put my name on it yet…

scrappy nametagI brought my bag of tiny scraps & came up with this.  If I were to do it again I would leave more room on the sides…

Happy crafting!  Enjoy the Easter weekend!


4 thoughts on “Table Runner Swap

  1. Both runners are awesome!!! My SIL Carrie made me a quilted Christmas runner for me one year for Christmas. I love it. I should talk her into making me one for the rest of the year.

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