Choose Happiness

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been feeling down for the past week or so.  I’m just generally crabby, my days are getting away from me (I’m not accomplishing ANYTHING), when I wake up in the morning I just want to crawl back in bed.    I looked at the calendar yesterday & I realized it’s May.  Mother’s day is on Sunday.  My birthday is this month.  None of those things are exciting me like they normally would.  Hmm.. even my kickboxing class today wasn’t fun like normal.  (I mean it was still a great workout, just not FUN.)  I will make a conscious effort to correct that.  I have worked really hard since my heart surgery to not let depression overtake me.  I know a vast majority of people who undergo heart surgery have some difficulty with depression afterward.  I don’t want to be one of them.

I am tired of my heart problems holding me down.

I joined Pinterest.  Yup.  I did.  I kind of love it.  I am always coming across pictures I love but had no way of keeping track of them.  Now I do!  It’s pretty cool.  Go check out my pins.  (The picture above was found on Pinterest, this is the link to the site…  I still need to figure that out.  It seems like it would be pretty easy to forget to give credit to wherever you really found the picture.)

I’ve been working on my Pretty Little Pouch.  I had a flop.  I mean it was fine just not as nice as I would have liked it for the swap.  Here is a picture.

outside of practice pouch

I sent it off to W’s student teacher.  It’s her last day this week.  He loved her.  She made him love science & want to be an astronomer when he grows up.  I love her for that.

inside of pouchSome Amy Butler for the lining.

I used the Weekend-away Travel Bag pattern from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.  It was hard to line everything up at the end.  The pockets were dumb.  (They are at the bottom.  Not the sides.)  Otherwise I thought the pattern was good!  It was my first zipper EVER.  But I had no problems with the zipper.  That was a piece of cake.  I LOVE the linen outside, with the bright pop of green zipper & the shocking pink inside!

So I am now trying a fully lined box bag.  We shall see how that turns out.  I’m practicing some other elements on this pouch.  I am planning on giving this one to my wonderful friend Cassie.

choose happiness

Choose Happiness

I am hoping I have no difficulty with this one so I can move on to the real pouch for the swap.  I am so excited to be pushing myself to do things I want to do but just am too nervous to try usually.  I really thought that the fun of swaps would be the stuff you get.  I am quickly finding out that the challenge of it all is the real gift!


12 thoughts on “Choose Happiness

  1. I LOVE your blog Naomi!! It made me smile the whole time I was ready it! Thanks for sharing your projects and your thoughts on things :))

  2. Sorry you’re feeling down. Wish I was closer so I could wrap my arms around you. I hope you know how you have inspired me, and the other girls. You are our sparkle! I feel I can speak for the others when I say we love you so very, very much! I miss you! So glad you are one of my BFF’s! Call or e-mail if you need to vent or want to chat it up! day or night, I always have time for you! Love you!

  3. I love Amy Butler too! I’d love to make a bag out of one (or two!) of her fabrics someday.

    I’m sorry you’ve been down lately. I know that feeling as well. Being on medication (and working out) has helped me a great deal.

  4. Adeline thinks that you need to come play or we should go for coffee. Then she can drool on you also, instead of just me.

    I have been feeling much the same way. I can’t seem to force myself to leave the house, even when I need to go get stuff. I just don’t want to do it. We are close enough we need to do something.

  5. I am so glad you posted the link to your blog on FB!! The pictures are awesome, and I’ll get deeper into reading it once I get home. (I’ve wasted to much time on non-work stuff already today here at work ;)) You make some pretty awesome stuff, way better than this haphazard crafter could ever dream of creating!

    I’m sorry you’re feeling a bit low–most of us have to go through the valleys just so that we can better appreciate the peaks, if that makes any sense. Hope you can climb to the peak and plateau there for awhile.

  6. You amaze me! I wish I could get myself motivated to finnish half the projects I have started, and there you are making practice projects. I love the fabric choices!
    Sounds like we need to make a better effort of getting us all out of the house or at least together on occasion.
    Miss you! *Hugs*

  7. This weather is definitely NOT helping the situation. I am much happier/have more energy on the sunny days and they are few and far between right now…hard to be chipper when it’s rainy and cold and gray. Hang in there!!

    LOVE the pouch, I really wanna do that swap next round, LOVING swaps too!! oh, I posted a link to the teether tutorial on my blog, so fast and easy and baby b loves it:)

    talk soon, keep up the great work-you rock:)!!

  8. Cute bag – even if it didn’t turn out quite the way you expected, I’m sure you learned things from doing it and obviously you are continuing on! Can’t wait to see the next bag(s). I hope you are feeling less down soon…it is probably this weather…all I want to do is sleep too. May is so supposed to be warm and beautiful and SUNNY!!Happy crafting!

  9. {Opps – posted my comment before I was done.}

    I am serious about the birthday buddy thing. We could do a private swap to celebrate our birthdays! I could use some focus on fun things, to cheer myself up. A project is just the thing. Let me know!

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