Pretty {little} Pouch ~Sent~

I’m all done!!  The Pretty {little} Pouch is on its way to…??

I made 2 practice pouches that taught me a LOT about pouches.  I hadn’t ever made one prior to doing this swap.  Here they are…

first practice pouchI used a pattern from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross for this one.  It turned out the right size.  I just really didn’t like using this pattern.  The inside seams just didn’t do it for me.  I wanted a fully lined pouch with no seams showing.  Also it was really difficult to line everything up, so it ended up a little wonky.  I gave this to W’s student teacher.  He loved her & will miss her very much.

second practice pouch  For the second one I used this tutorial.  It went smoothly, except that I made up my own dimensions.  I was stupidly delusional about how big this was going to end up.  I turned out to be about twice the size I thought it would be!  I love the fabrics (Joel Dewberry Aviary 2)  & like the embroidery.  (It reads “Choose happiness”) I gave this to Cassie.  She is using it as a knitting project bag & by happy accident her Nook fits in the bottom of it!  Her daughter told her it looks like a popcorn bag.  🙂  It’s true…

final pouchHere’s the final Pretty {little} Pouch.  It’s heavily influenced by this & this.

I kept trying to make my partner something just green & blue but I could NOT get inspired.  My partner had tons of Mendocino by Heather Ross (that’s the seahorse fabric) in her favorites on Flickr.
As soon as I noticed the Mendocino love in her favorites, I knew I had to do something with that.  I hope she really does like it!  I lined the pouch with the seahorse fabric & the back side has a couple of pieces of the mermaid fabric.  I didn’t want to use too much in case she really didn’t love it.  I had a lot of fun making this pouch! I almost didn’t want to send it away!  I can’t wait to see what she thinks!

back of final pouchThis is the back side.  My husband was like “uh… did you mean to make this side so plain?”  🙂

Well, yes honey, I did.

I thought the other side was a bit busy.   I’m one who needs a little calm.  So when you need a little calm, look at this side!  It’s a little weird that the fabrics wrap around the bottom & I wish I would have thought that out a little better.  I really like how the bottom turned out, but I can’t show it to you yet.  (Because my partner would figure out it’s hers!)

hand stitching on pouch

I was really nervous that this wasn’t going to turn out, but as soon as I was done sewing the boxy sides & turned it right side out, I knew it was right.  It turned out as good or better than I had expected.  I am really, really happy that I pushed myself to try some different things with this swap.  I  CAN NOT wait to see what someone made for me!  I am excitedly checking the mail everyday!  handle of pretty little pouch


3 thoughts on “Pretty {little} Pouch ~Sent~

  1. Awesome!! All three are great – I especially like the third one. I can imagine you excitedly checking the mail everyday! I hope yours come soon!

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