Recent Crafty Obsessions

So lately I’ve been obsessing over…

Aqua & red & white
Reverse applique
Stamping on fabric/ screen printing/ letterpress etc…(this is a very new obsession, one I know nothing about & have only even thought about for a few days…)


What can’t you get enough of these days?  Do you have any crafty thing you have been wanting to try?

1. Anatomical Heart Embroidery, 2. urban home goods swap reveal…., 3. pb&j [embroidery], 4. patchwork coasters, 5. My First Pincushion, 6. YIP: March 4, 2009 Three red fabrics, 7. ampersand, 8. &, 9. Not available, 10. Lemony coasters, 11. celtic reverse applique skirt, 12. Reverse applique-elephant, 13. Linen Alphabet Pillow, 14. love is priceless…, 15. Fabric Fat Quarter Boxes


4 thoughts on “Recent Crafty Obsessions

  1. Oooh – this brings me back. My Grandma Hokkanen taught me how to do embroidery like this. She bought me (and Steph?) pillowcases with a stamped pattern to follow. I LOVED it…but we kept the project at her house and only worked on it when we were there. I know I never finished mine. I have them somewhere in my house and they make me sad whenever I run across them. Partly because I never finished and partly because they make me think of my Grandma Bea. If you find a good place to buy these sorts of kits (?) let me know I’d love to try one again sometime.

  2. I love reverse applique as well!!! I want to get the Alabama Stitch book 🙂 Now if I just had more free time!?

    Nicole, I know the Bear Patch Quilt Shop in White Bear Lake has a ton of those stamped patterns. They’re adorable!

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