Owl Pillow

So my 5 year-old decided he NEEDED an owl pillow.

We discussed what his expectations were, made a few sketches, picked fabrics, & made a plan.

fabrics for owl pillow

Then the project just sat on my sewing table, staring at me.

My patient little guy reminded me of the project almost every day.  He would say, “Mom, when can we make my owl pillow?”  I would say, “Right after I’m done with this.  I can’t wait to work on it!”  Then something else would get in the way of being able to start it.

I was finally able to start working on it the other day!  While I was making this pillow, my husband said, “Seems like a lot of effort…” I just nodded & kept working.  It was worth every second I worked on it, because T will LOVE having a special thing that Mom made just for him, that he got to help design.

front of owl pillow(The front)

For the eyes, I did some embroidery.  This stitch is called, Buttonhole Wheel.  It’s not perfect, but it WAS my first time!  🙂

I realized WAY too late that I was going to make the body of the owl green & make the tummy stripey.  Oops!  Oh well!

back of owl pillow(The back)

invisible zipper owl pillow(The invisible zipper.  My first one!!)

I used this tutorial for the invisible zipper.

It must have turned out okay because my 8 year-old asked me to make a puffin pillow next!


4 thoughts on “Owl Pillow

  1. Super cute!!! I love owls – good choice T! Can’t wait to see the Puffin Pillow! When I saw the zipper for a minute I thought you had made a Quillow. My aunt Karen made us Quillows for Christmas one year – I still have mine. Logan got one when he turned 5 and Allison is looking forward to getting her. 🙂

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