In Love

I finally had time to work on my test block for the 4×5 modern Bee  last night.  When I was done I literally sat & stared.  Then I paraded it around the house & made my husband stare at it for a while, shamelessly asking for praise.

Now, I’m not normally so self-congratulatory, but this block is stunning.  STUNNING!

I absolutely LOVE it.  I am pretty sure this is the best thing I’ve ever made.

This morning I just sat & held it for a while, admiring my hard work.

Then I interrupted the kids & made them admire my work too.  (They did their part & told me how pretty it was!)courthouse star block for 4x5 beeI am so looking forward to making more of these blocks.  This block is the reason I wanted to join a Bee.   Little Miss Shabby made these for a Bee & it instantly made me want to be a part of something so beautiful.  The instructions on how to make the block are here.  (I had to mess with the scaling a little when printing so make sure you always check the inch scale after you print!)

I had originally chosen a different block, but I tried it & HATED it!  I actually only made half the block & then gave up.  I was wasting too much fabric.

I’m really happy I decided to give this one a try.  I’m off to stare at it some more!


5 thoughts on “In Love

  1. Beautiful!!! That is so cool – I wish I could sew, at all. Good for you! I make John and the kids admire work sometimes too 🙂

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