I have a Craft Area!

Yes, you heard me right!  I have an area all to myself for all my craftiness!  It doesn’t fit everything (6 BIG tubs worth), but it is wonderful to have a spot to keep everything out all the time.  Yes, I still need to find the perfect desk & build legs for my cutting table, but all good things take time.  My new craft area is SO much better than what I had before!

I spent 2 full days moving stuff around.  I was a crazy person.

craft area beforeMy Living Room Craft Area Before

living room afterLiving Room Toy Area Now!

I wasn’t sure I wanted toys in the Living Room, but after living with them there for a while  now, I think it will be okay.  I spread the toys throughout the house, putting the toys where they will be played with.

craft areaWork space

craft areaStorage space

This bookshelf is great! It holds books, photos, movies, & tons of my fabric, yarn, & craft books & magazines.  It is also a room divider, giving my husband an office!  Yay!

So there it is.  My wonderful craft area! I can’t wait to get it all the way I want it.


2 thoughts on “I have a Craft Area!

  1. Nice!!! I’m so jealous! BTW, you are really making up for lost time on this blog. for weeks I’ve been wondering where you were! Glad you’re back 🙂

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