Transformer Case

(I would like to apologize for my absence.  Time really flies by when things like Thanksgiving, a 6th Birthday, & a nasty cold are involved.  I will try to be better.)

My wonderful husband has a new toy.  It’s an Asus Eee Pad Transformer .  It rocks.  That thing can do everything.  So naturally, I felt the need to make it a protective case, because if that thing gets broken… he will be devastated.

pad case closedWhen I saw this tutorial I knew I had to try it.  The only adjustments I made were for size & I made the flap wider to protect the top a bit more.  I used fusible fleece for some extra padding.  The gray fabric is a linen from Joann’s that is seriously cute.

pad case openNow, I usually don’t love Velcro, but this is the perfect application for it.

pad case full

I’m not sure how useful the pocket in the front is but the other day my husband came home & showed me how nicely his phone fits in it!

This was an easy to follow, well written tutorial.  I love the finished product!  I also love seeing my kinda picky selective husband using something I made for him, on a regular basis.



2 thoughts on “Transformer Case

  1. Awesome! I like that he uses it and how good that makes you feel! That is always nice. This reminds me of quilted Kindle cases that I’ve been coveting on etsy…but won’t let myself buy one. My Kindle has a case that is perfectly fine even if it isn’t cute and quilted. 🙂

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