My life… lately.

Here’s a quick catch-up!

kidsMy youngest son turned 6!  Some of his cousins & best friends were able to come to his party.  Aren’t they cute??!!  Happy Birthday T!

T 6I made him a T/Lego/Blue cake.  Some of his favorite things!

monkey bread french toastHe got a special breakfast of Monkey Bread French Toast.  YUM!

D with bagWe had a mini-craft night at my house.  (It was “mini” because only 3 of us were there.  Hopefully next time more girls can make it!)  My cousin, Danielle, made this sweet zipper pouch for her lotions & stuff in her purse.  (Well, I actually made it… but she helped.)

bagI had a killer headache & made a few mistakes during the making of this bag.  Luckily, D was patient with me & did some seam ripping so we could get it done!

snowman on topWe got our tree up!  This snowman sits on top every year.  It was T’s turn to put him on top.

reading the comicsWe had a nice, relaxing weekend after all the chaos lately.  W took some time to read the Sunday comics.  He discovered the comics a few months ago & looks forward to Sunday mornings so much now!

sox in boxSee the gray blob, sleeping in the box?  It’s a stray cat that has adopted us!  He started hanging out on our doorstep one day last week & I couldn’t stand to see him freeze, so I put a box & blanket out for him.  Then I started giving him water & some snacks once in a while…  So no wonder he adopted us!  The boys have named him Sox & love checking up on him & really worry about him when he goes off hunting.  I am trying to convince my husband that we should keep him.  He is such a nice kitty!

fabric organizationI moved some of my fabric around so now it is all organized by color.  Can you tell I love blue, green, & brown?  I have a surprising amount of pink, since I don’t care for pink that much.  Weird.

All caught up?  My goal is to get on a more regular schedule of posting for 2012.  I also have dreams of opening an Etsy shop.  We shall see….  Usually it takes years for my dreams to become reality.  (Case in point: I have wanted to paint some rooms in my house for most of the 5 years we have lived here…hasn’t happened yet!)  Hopefully I can find some time to learn the things I don’t know about the process, & get started.

Thanks for visiting me here!  I really appreciate each & every one of you!



2 thoughts on “My life… lately.

  1. Fun post! Nice to hear/read what you are up to! Fun that W. has discovered the comics…I remember really loving them at that age too.

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