Teacher Gifts

Christmas is coming faster than I can fathom.  Where has this year gone?  The first half of December was spent studying & stressing for my certification test to become a Certified Surgical Technologist again.  I was a bad girl & let my certification expire.  Oops!  Put me on the naughty list!   Luckily all my studying paid off & I passed!  So now work can call me & ask me to work anytime!  I need the money because our fridge is acting very erratic & needs to be replaced.  Also, our car (the one my husband drives to work everyday) has been having some issues, so we looked at our options & decided to get something new.  New is not something we would normally even consider, but there was a great deal we found that we couldn’t pass up.  So we are now the nervous proud new owners of a Jeep Compass.  Yikes!  I want to be super excited about it, but truth is, I’m nervous.  REALLY nervous.  We had a new vehicle once before.  It was a heartbreaking mess.  It got scratched, we couldn’t afford it, & then we had to sell it.  I LOVED that thing.  So after that experience I said I would NEVER buy a new vehicle again.  This just goes to show that things change.  I am getting used to the idea.  I will try my hardest to relax & enjoy the new Jeep.  I promise.

Moving on….  I made some stuff for the teachers who spend their days with my kids.  Wanna see?!!

fabric drawstring bag with mug rugmug rugmug rug back

This is for W’s 4th grade teacher, who happens to be a man.  W helped me pick the fabric & did a great job choosing fabrics that are masculine & well suited for a teacher!

fabric drawstring bag with mug rugmug rugmug rug back

This one is for T’s kindergarten teacher.  T helped pick the fabric & liked the animal one because it had a zebra on it (their school mascot).

I used this fabric bag tutorial which was great!  I plan to make more!  The coaster/place mat thing is called a mug rug.  It’s like a big coaster to put your cup of coffee on, with enough room for your snack.  Because really, what’s coffee or tea without a snack?  I also included some chocolates, dry erase markers, post-it notes, peppermint hot cocoa, & a box of my favorite tea (Good Earth Original, YUM!!!).  The boys really have wonderful teachers this year.  I hope they enjoy their treats!

I’ve also been working on my niece’s stocking.  I’m close to being done!  It WILL be done by Christmas.  Yesterday while I worked on it, T wanted to help.  So I made him a little quilt sandwich, let him dig through my tiny scraps & let him pick some pieces & lay them out to make a ticker tape quilt for his stuffed skeleton (named Bones!  Cute, right?).  I still have to sew the pieces on but this is what he did…

ticker tape quiltI love that most of the fabrics he picked are blue & green, he was SUPER excited to find the owls, & he loved the overlapping, craziness he created.  I want to straighten it all up & make it neat, but I will resist the urge & sew it together like this.  Because he loves it.  He can’t wait for Bones to have his very own quilt.

ticker tape quilt

Happy Holidays!


3 thoughts on “Teacher Gifts

  1. Very fun and creative teacher gifts!! Your kids’ teachers are lucky! I stuck to my standard…some knitted dishcloths and a nice bottle of hand soap. (Boring.) Theron’s quit is very cute! You’ll have to remember to show us the finished product! Congrats on your NEW vehicle! What color is it? We have had a brand spanking new vehicle only once and we leased it (big mistake for us) we drive WAY more than 24,000 miles in 2 years. Now we only buy new to us vehicles.

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