Doll Accessories

My niece turned 3 & she’s really into baby dolls.  So I made her some doll accessories.

doll bibsDoll bib tutorial here.  Mine turned out a bit small.  If I make more of these I will make them a bit larger.  My printer maybe scaled things down or something….  I also used 3 different closures for her little fingers to practice, Velcro, snap, & tie.

doll diapers and wipesDiaper tutorial here.  Wipes here.  I used knit fabric for the wipes, they are super soft!  I’m sure her dolls will appreciate that.

child's messenger bagFor the diaper bag, I used the Child’s Messenger Bag pattern from the book, One Yard Wonders.  I love how it turned out, but the velcro on the bag ended up about 2 inches too low.  So I had to remove it and fix it.

bag insideThis bag may be a little big for her yet, but I think it’s a bag she will be able to get some use out of, for a while.  I really love the green inside!

child messenger bagThis is my 6 year-old with the bag.  Looks like a good size for him!

bottomI love how the bottom is boxed!  Does anyone know what this is called?  I LOVE it!  I want to try it on a zipper pouch.

diaper bagI can’t wait to see her open this!  I hope she loves it!


5 thoughts on “Doll Accessories

  1. Super cute!!! I love that you made 3 different kinds of closures!

    BTW – I love reading your blog so much that I have been thinking of trying one out of my own for a long time now. I finally took the plunge today. I will feel lucky if it is nearly as nice to read as yours is 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

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