DSi Bag

drawstring bagMy 6 year-old got a DSi for Christmas.  Ever since, he’s been begging me to make him a bag to carry it all in.  We picked the fabric out a while ago & of course it sat there, staring at me.  On Friday, once I had the Jeep all packed up for our trip to Iowa, I took a couple of hours to put his new DSi bag together.  I used Jeni’s lined drawstring bag tutorial again.  I added some fusible fleece to the lining for some extra padding (because I know he won’t always be careful with it) & also made some pockets that fit a few DS games.

dsi bagHe also keeps a few other goodies in there too.

dsi bagI hope he will get off my back now!!


3 thoughts on “DSi Bag

  1. What a great idea! I’ll have to make one for my little guy too. I love that it will fit all those charger cables too.

  2. Excellent idea!! I considered knitting Logan a bag for all his DS stuff but then I found one at Kohl’s on sale…I think he likes it better than what I would have knit. Super cute fabric!!

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