Trip to Iowa

This past weekend we took a (long) drive to Iowa, where my husband’s sister & our 2 nieces live.  We hadn’t been there for about 2 years.

2 YEARS??  How did that happen?

(Oh yeah… I had heart surgery 16 months ago & I felt like crap for a couple of years before that… I guess that would be part of the reason we haven’t made the trip in 2 years.) Anyway, we took our first long drive (6 hours) in our Jeep!  It went very well.  Everyone was comfy & there was enough room in the back for our boatloads of junk.  It was so nice to be able to have everything in the back but still be able to reach it, without stopping, if we needed something (like snack or pillows so the kids could sleep). My feet had enough room around them, even with my purse, a knitting bag, & 2 water bottles in that space!! (Can you believe that I didn’t even touch my knitting???!!!  WHAT??!!)

On our way down I saw a bunch of barns with quilt blocks on them.  So, on our way home I looked it up & this is what I found out.  So I kept my eyes peeled for barns with quilt blocks.  It made the trip home a LOT more interesting!

iowa barn quiltMy husband only stopped for one picture of the barn quilts… so the other pictures were seriously taken with my arm out the window as we sped by.  Maybe next time we can take more time to document them!

iowa barn quilt

iowa barn quiltThey were so cool to find!

iowaWould you even guess this is in IOWA!???  Due to the wonders of GPS, a few years ago, we found a route that is actually interesting!  We used to hop on the Interstate & just drive through corn fields for most of the 6 1/2 hour drive… YAWN!  It was especially boring in the winter.  Double yawn.  We tried this route because it saved us 40 minutes (Yay!!).  Little did we know, we would find a really pretty drive!  We stick along the Eastern edge of Iowa & take some smaller highways, with lots of twists & turns.  The elevation changes enough, in a few different places, to make your ears pop!

iowa field Closer to the Minnesota border, it gets flat again.  The sun was going down & you could see forever.  Seeing snow was refreshing, since we STILL don’t have snow!!

sunsetGood-night Sun!!

So now for some cute kid pictures…  🙂

minnie cakeGrandpa made L a Minnie cake!  Lucky girl!

black lipsWowza!!  Those are some black lips!!

WigThe kids found a Hannah Montana wig to play with!  So funny!!  W made L a necklace out of pop-beads & she let him put the wig on her!  It was so cute!  When we were leaving A & L were hanging all over W.  They really didn’t want him to go.   A even gave him a kiss on the cheek!

doll bibOne of L’s babies wearing one of the bibs I made.

playingL loved her diaper bag!  We played & played & played babies!  I LOVED every second!

dollHappy 3rd birthday sweet girl!!


2 thoughts on “Trip to Iowa

  1. Super Cool!! Now I would be excited about a road trip to Iowa to look for those quilt blocks! I have been down to Iowa a few times and it is some dull driving on the interstate. I would probably have to put my kids on the lookout so they could alert me and I could tear my eyes away from my knitting. 🙂

  2. The barn quilt blocks are so cool!
    I have family in Iowa, over the years we made many, many, many trips back & forth.. but they are all located just in the north/central part. I’ve always heard about these beautiful parts of Iowa, and have hoped to road trip them someday. Your photos are a good reminder!

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