UFO Sightings

Cut To Pieces

It’s a new year.

I will finish some of these darn unfinished objects (UFOs) that are haunting me.  Then I will never let it get this bad again!!

Angela at Cut to Pieces has started Project UFO, which I desperately need!  We are committing to get our unfinished business, well, finished!  I was brave & dug out all most of my UFOs & photographed them.  Here they are…


1. 2 pillow cases, 2. clothespin apron, 3. table runner, 4. 2 daily spice aprons, 5. PJ top, 6. Orange Triangle Quilt, 7. W’s Brick quilt, 8. T’s zig zag quilt, 9. purse, 10. Christmas Bento Box, 11. 4×5 blocks, 12. Summer Sampler, 13. Cut Loose Quilt, 14. Senja’s quilt, 15. swoon #1, 16. Jan do. Good Stitches (PEACE), 17. Sliced Coin Top, 18. sewing machine cover, 19. Hedgerow socks, 20. Orange sweater, 21. felted baby booties, 22. leaf scarf

There are 3 knitting projects I know are in the basement, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend more time looking for them!

So, here’s to getting it done!  If you see me starting new projects, please scold me.


5 thoughts on “UFO Sightings

  1. This entry makes me giggle and cringe at the same time. I know I have several UFOs that have been totally forgotten…I saw several last night while digging through my yarn stash for left over sock yarn for my BeeKeeper’s Quilt. Some of them I honestly know I will NEVER go back to and I should frog and reclaim the yarn, but others definitely inspire a nagging sense of guilt. I’m kind of hoping my blog will keep me honest as far as finishing things up before starting new things….but we’ll see 🙂

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