WIP Wednesday 2.1.2012

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Wednesday again!  You know what that means, yup, garbage day.

(Did I ever tell you how I love garbage day?  My garbage man is so nice, he always smiles, honks & waves like he loves his job, he also picks up anything that might blow out of the can so I don’t have garbage all over my street.  Love him.)

Oh, yeah it’s also grocery day!

(My kids drank all the milk this morning…  grrr.  Momma is cranky without her cereal.  Can you believe I had to eat a bagel?  Too.  Much. Chewing.)

But most importantly it’s WIP Wednesday!  So here is a rundown of my crafty week.

(Did I tell you that I started a crafty journal?  Yeah, it’s really lame.  I just write the date & any crafty thing I worked on that day.  Otherwise I forget & think I get NOTHING done.  So, I have things like “sewed a button on T’s shirt” written in there.  BORING!!  It does help when I write these posts though!! 🙂 )


Random – I took one day to organize my desk & do a whole bunch of random things…

  1. Sewed a button back on to T’s favorite dressy shirt.
  2. Hot glued a magnet back together.  (It’s been sitting in my drawer waiting for some glue for about 2 years…)
  3. Made a covered button magnet with an N on it.
  4. Made some mustaches on sticks.Mustache

I can’t tell you how good it feels to get some of those tiny projects done!  Why didn’t I just get them done earlier?!

3 drawstring bagsDrawstring bags – I made more of these bags!  (These are the last ones for a while…  I’m sure you’re sick of seeing them.)  I used Jeni’s tutorial again.  These are for my oldest son, W, & my BFF’s kids.  The bags are getting much love & plenty of use.  🙂

In Progress:

Orange trianglesOrange Triangles – I spent one evening making triangles into squares.  Yes, I’m magical.  I have a thought on how to lay these out for a quilt but might need to do some figuring first.

zig zag bastedT’s Zig-Zag Quilt – I basted & quilted this twin sized quilt for my youngest son.  Wow!  That was like wrestling an octopus, but it’s done now!  Yay! I also made the binding but still have to sew it on.

No Progress:

Senja’s Quilt

Cut-Loose Quilt

Machine cover

Summer Sampler


Christmas Quilt

Completed Tops Awaiting Quilting:

Sliced Coins

W’s Brick Quilt

To Do:

January quilt for do. Good Stitches

February blocks for do. Good Stitches

Quilt for my bed

Shower curtain

Pin cushion for me

 Head over to Lee’s Blog, Freshly Pieced, to see what everyone else is working on!


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 2.1.2012

  1. I forgot how much I like T’s Zigzag quilt. I have something like that going for N. Should really pull that out again. Make us some mustaches! When are you coming for a visit? Miss you!

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