Super Bowl Sunday

We aren’t a family of sports fans, but we are trying to expose our boys to different sports.  You know, so they at least understand the rules…So once in a while we watch some sort of game & I fumble through explaining what’s going on, then my husband takes over & explains it the right way. 

So tonight we have tried to make the Super Bowl cool by serving treats & dimming the lights. 

I’m not sure they like football.

My 9 year-old is mostly interested in the food & the commercials.  He said “It’s just a bunch of guys knocking each other down for no good reason.  Plus I can’t even see the ball!

My 6 year-old said, “Mom, why do they call it the Super Bowl when they aren’t even bowling?”.  He doesn’t want to miss anything though & keeps asking to pause it so he can get more snacks…he is very interested in the flags & the on-screen scoreboard.

I am spending the time doling out snacks & hand stitching the binding on T’s quilt.  My husband is doing something over on the computer.

Yeah, not great sport lovers at my house. 

On a different note…this morning I read through my journal from my Caring Bridge site from when I had my heart surgery.  It brought tears to my eyes.  There was a lot of joy & heartache in those posts.  I am so thankful for all the love & support we received during that time. Most of all, I am so incredibly proud of the way my husband stepped up & took care of me.  (Thanks hun, I love you so much!) 


(I couldn’t leave this post picture-less!)
T lost his 2 bottom teeth this week! 


2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday

  1. We are not sports fan either…well, John can be depending on who is playing. The game was on until halftime here. The kids were getting their things ready for school tomorrow, I was knitting and John was reading a book. At halftime all of them went downstairs to watch a movie instead. 🙂 I’m switched over to the crime shows and am still knitting…mostly. T is so cute!

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