The Perils of Bargain Shopping

I know you were all so looking forward to my WIP Wednesday post yesterday ;), but I have to apologize, I was just too busy.  Hopefully I can get it together for next week!

Yesterday, I started the morning by driving to the airport so my Momma could fly away to more sunshine.  Then, I decided since I was down that way, I should stop at a few stores I always want to go to.  (Plus, I was BY MYSELF!! No kids pulling at me, begging for Legos!!)

I found…

1 shower curtain liner

2 pairs of workout pants (1 will be returned due to their ugliness)

3 various baskets to organize with

1 box of cute cards

(at TJ Maxx)


2 sweatshirts for lounging around the house

3 pairs of jeans for W (1 lined, his favorite)

1 pair of overalls for T (for a school dress-up day)

1 wool pea-coat for me ($9!!!)

(at Goodwill)

Bargain shopping

I got all of this for around $100…  I felt like bargain shopper of the year!  I felt bad spending the money at first, but I found some amazing deals & would have spent many times more than that if I had bought these things for regular prices.

After my shopping excursion, I got home just in time to welcome my 2 crazy boys home from school.  We did a little homework, I started dinner… & that’s when my bargain shopping started biting me in the a $$.

You see, the other day I found some boneless chicken breasts in a twin pack (the package said 3-4 breasts per package), for a really good price.  I am not sure I had ever seen them that cheap.  So, of course, I bought some.  I threw one in the freezer & one in the fridge, all along thinking, “Enough chicken for 2 meals, Wow, what a good deal!”  So, I pulled the package out to make dinner, planning to just bake them in the oven.

(Did I ever tell you I HATE cooking?  I mean I can’t stand it.  I like doing it for a crowd for some reason, you know, the “special” meals like Thanksgiving & Christmas, but the day-to-day dinner cooking sucks.  I hate planning meals, I hate cooking meals, by the time I’m done cooking, I hate eating the meal, &  I hate cleaning up after meals.  Plus, I am the ONLY one in my family who cooks or does dishes,  so I rarely get a break from food.  (Yes, my husband can make pizza or anything frozen, but that’s about it.)  I am picky, my son W is picky, my husband claims to not be picky, but is, a little.  The only one in my family who will eat ANYTHING is T.  I just feel like my time is wasted in the kitchen.  So we eat a lot of really boring, easy things like spaghetti, tacos, & baked chicken.)

Well, it turns out that they weren’t so much boneless, as they were bone-IN, & there weren’t 3-4 breasts per package, but 2 breasts per package.  (If you were paying attention, you will remember that this was a twin pack, so I have 1 more package just like this waiting in my freezer.  If only I had thawed both at the same time!! )  So I was standing there staring at 2 tiny, bony chicken breasts, wondering how in the heck I was going to bake them up & feed my hungry family. 


Then my brilliant, life-saving husband comes in & saves the day.  He said, “Why don’t you just cut them up, fry them in a pan & make noodles?”  I mean, it sounded disgusting, & I really didn’t want to touch those poor, bony, breasts long enough to cut them up, but what could I do?  So I found a Lipton Parmesan noodle package in the cupboard (I don’t normally make these, I’m sure I bought them because they were a real deal one day), made that, fried up the chicken pieces, & everyone got a very small portion of chicken & noodles.  I thought it was pretty gross, W said the chicken tasted awesome (quite the compliment, since he usually GAGS whenever he has to eat meat), my husband ate without complaints (although he looked like he wanted to complain, a little), & T said it was… the best meal we ever had!  Weird.  Oh well, I guess next time I buy chicken I will read the package a little better, & investigate why something might be so cheap.  Maybe a little better planning would be a good idea too.  Hopefully my other “bargains” don’t turn out so poorly!

What are some of your favorite places to find a deal?  Wanna share your favorite quick & easy meals with me?


4 thoughts on “The Perils of Bargain Shopping

  1. I can totally relate to hating to cook…John isn’t even home nights so it often feels like a waste to make a real meal for me and the kids since I know they aren’t going to really eat it well and I’d be happy with a PB English Muffin. I am sure I have no meal ideas for you…I feel like we eat the same 3 things and they are things you listed. As far as bargains go…have you grocery shopped at Aldi? I spend way less there and while the brands they have are off-brands they are typcially made at the same places the brand name stuff is…so it is the same, just cheaper. The only thing there I would skip is their coffee creamer and their chicken. 🙂

  2. I love you! I hate cooking too, but I don’t do dishes. I don’t cook unless someone else washes the dishes. I don’t always make a real meal because Shawn is gone at night. On the days I do make a real meal, I make it early enough that Shawn gets to either take some to work or can eat it ahead of time. The boys then eat when they get home from school. Is it weird that they eat their dinner at 4:00 instead of later? I have a bunch of easy and good recipes I can give you. I will get some put together for you.

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  4. LOVE Goodwill.. our local one is small, but I find great therapy within those walls. I spend about 12 dollars every time I get the chance to go there… and am always thrilled with my finds. Therapy, I tell you!!
    HATE to cook, like you. I’m the worst about daily cooking. I’d rather eat toast, and never think ahead about dinner. It’s just not my passion, and I should really apply myself better.
    I cook because I have to, not because I want to.
    Love those baskets you got! I’m crazy for wire baskets – love that square one. Good finds, nice job!

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