Roses & Chocolate

I made you all a couple of boxes of chocolate, you know, since it’s Valentine’s day & all.  I love you all so much, that I even got you roses!  (Oh wait, those are mine, but you are welcome to enjoy them too!  They smell SO good!!  Wait, does that make it sound like I don’t really love you?  Because I really, really do.  It makes me happy to see comments & likes & views in my stats.  They are like little valentines,  just for me.  Thank you!)  

Happy Valentine’s Day!

brown scrap jar starsAren’t they pretty?  The quilt blocks boxes of chocolate are for February in my do. Good Stitches Bee.  We used the Scrap Jar tutorial.  We are all making different colors, so it should end up a bright rainbow-y quilt!

Ribbon StarThis beauty is the block I made for the January quilt in the same bee.  January was my month to plan the quilt & then put it all together, I still have about 20 -4″ squares to make… Ugh.  But at least this is done!  I used the Ribbon Star tutorial.

star blockThis is a crappy picture of the 8″ block I made (for the January quilt), using the wonderful tutorial here.

FortunesTotally off topic…

The other day I had some Chinese food for lunch.  My fortune cookie held 2 fortunes! Interesting, I thought.  I was so excited, I wondered if they would be the same, if they held some great wisdom, if this has ever happened to anyone before… But alas. I  just needed a double reminder to keep my big mouth shut…

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Be nice to your sweethearts & enjoy your Valentine’s day!


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