I went to work today.  At my job out of the house.  You know, the one I go to once or twice a month. 

It was such. a. long. day.  I am so thankful I don’t go to my job everyday.  Here was my day…

4:45: Alarm goes off. I hit snooze & sleep an extra 9 minutes.

4:54: Get into the shower, half asleep.

5:15:  Get dressed, makeup, do hair. Think to myself “I might be running early.”

5:30: I realize I still need to get out clothes for the kids, wake them up, eat breakfast, make my lunch,  get everything out to the truck, & feed the cat. In 15 minutes… Good thing I packed their back packs the night before.

5:45: Open the door to the garage & see that the light has been on in the truck all night. Luckily it starts.

5:54: Successfully get my kids and all our stuff in the truck & on our way to my awesome friend’s house, to drop off the kids.

6:10-6:54: Drive to work.  Eat some breakfast while driving.

6:55-7:00: Change into scrubs and get my things put away.

7:00-4:30: Normal OR duties: opening rooms, scrubbing cases, cleaning rooms, cleaning instruments, wrapping instruments, managing autoclaves,  20 minutes for lunch, almost no down time, one bathroom break…On my feet all day.

4:30-5:40: Change, drive home in the crazy Friday night rush hour traffic…

5:40: Pull into the garage, get the best greeting from T, hold back tears when I try to stand after sitting for so long. Ouch!

5:45-bedtime: Lay on the couch & crab at everyone because I am tired & emotionally exhausted. 

Conclusions from my overtired brain…

My shower & hair were wasted.  I wear a hat all day so my hair looks like crap by the end of the day, & the first case of the day I had to wear a lead apron for about 2 hours so I had change my shirt due to all the sweetiness (ewww). 

Sleeping that extra 9 minutes only hurt me & put me behind, all day.

9 hours on my feet is too long.

My husband is my hero.  He goes to work everyday, drives an hour each way, & most days he comes home with a smile.  Maybe he’s just so glad to be out of the car!

I got no sewing done.



3 thoughts on “Ugh.

  1. Oh Honey…Your work days sound awful. I’m glad you don’t work everyday either. I’m always envious of those who don’t have to work everyday and I keep thinking to myself that someday I might have that luxury too. But, my job isn’t so bad. I sit all day, but I can get up and walk around and take a break whenever I need. I also, always have my knitting on hand for lulls in my work 🙂

    I hope you are getting extra rest today.

  2. Chuckles from your post started my day yesterday. Checked the mail before getting out of bed. That was the high point of the day….

    I can relate. Love, Ma

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