WIP Wednesday 3.14.2012

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Happy Wednesday!  The biggest thing I have been working on lately, is a big, fat, crab-a$$ attitude.  Not sure why.  I want to be positive & happy, productive & inspired.  Instead, I am negative, crabby, unproductive, & REALLY uninspired.  ANYTHING sets me off, for example…

At the gym on Monday… Ugh.  The class schedule has changed for the millionth time in the last year.  The changes in the past have been lousy, (my favorite TurboKick instructor quit due to management issues, class times have changed, teachers have come & gone…) but last week my favorite class was removed from the schedule.  Yes, removed.  It was replaced with a class that is kind-of similar, but not really that fun, plus the instructor is one of the most irritating, condescending people at the gym.  She is so irritating to me that I dread the thought of being in the same room with her (if you know me at all, you would know that I can put up with most people, it’s hard to be so annoying I wouldn’t want to be in the same room). Anyway, I thought I would try the class, try to be open-minded, besides my BFF took the class the week before & thought it was good.  5 minutes into the class I wanted to scream.  She was teaching everything backwards, saying left, but doing right.  It was the most difficult class I have ever taken because I could not follow her!  I must have been unable to hide my frustration because she called me out & had me go front & center so I could “see better”.  Again, if you know me at all, you would know that I am not the kind of girl who goes front & center in front of everyone, especially when I haven’t the foggiest as to what I am supposed to be doing, so being called out in front of everyone was extremely fun for me.  She then spent the rest of the class pointing out everything I was doing wrong.  I should have walked out.  I wish I would have.  But I was trying to be polite & keep trying.  Halfway through the class, I decided all my punches should be directed to her face, that made the class worth-while.  🙂  When I got home from the gym, I sent a message to the management about my disappointment about the schedule changes.  I hope they change something, or I am quitting.

  Sorry!  I got all mad all over again!  Normally I would have let all that roll off & it wouldn’t have bothered me.  I definitely wouldn’t have emailed anyone about it!!  So what’s up with my crab-a$$ attitude??  It’s really ticking me off!  🙂

So here is the very small amount I have accomplished lately…


organized fabric

Fabric Organization – I finished this up a little while ago, but haven’t had a chance to show it off.  I used comic book boards (found them on Amazon) to make mini-bolts out of my fabric!  I LOVE & ADORE how neat all my fabric is now!  (Well except that I ran out of boards, so my solids & linen aren’t neat & tidy yet…)

In Progress:january do good quilt ready for binding

January Quilt for do. Good Stitches – Very close to being a finish!  I just need to hand sew the binding on.  One good TV watching evening should do it!

scraps ready for march blocksMarch blocks for do. Good stitches – I have only gotten as far as cutting out my paper foundations & gathering some scraps for my March blocks.  We are using this tutorial to make 8 – 6.5″ blocks, with a red center.  I’m looking forward to trying these out next week!

No Progress:

Senja’s Quilt

Cut-Loose Quilt

Machine cover

Summer Sampler


Christmas Quilt

Orange Triangles

Completed Tops Awaiting Quilting:

Sliced Coins

W’s Brick Quilt

To Do:

March blocks for do. Good Stitches

Quilt for my bed

Shower curtain

Pin cushion for me

 Head over to Lee’s Blog, Freshly Pieced, to see what everyone else is working on!


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 3.14.2012

  1. That gym instructor sounds like a noob! I love your organization idea, did you get it from somewhere or come up with it out of that beautiful noggin of yours. Either way, it’s a great idea to steal! Your quilt is beautiful (like everything else you make) and you’re almost there! Have fun with the next blocks, I can’t wait to see pics.

  2. Your gym story sounds beyond frustrating. I SO would have walked out of that class. Good for you sticking it out! I love how cheery your organized fabric looks! It must just be one of those weeks…I’ve been having a totally blah knitting week. No time for it and bored of the thing I should be working on. Next week will be better 🙂 ❤

  3. My mood has been off too. Have been trying to figure out what in the world is going on…maybe it’s all the solar storms causing havoc! The quilt is pretty. Love, Ma

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