My Mojo Is Back!

(My sister keeps telling me I need to blog…  so here I am.  Thanks for the push Brita!)

I have a few things for show & tell today!  Yay!

Kitchen Towels

At Christmas time I whipped up 4 kitchen towels as gifts, this is only 2.  I forgot to take a picture of the other 2.  Oops! I just bought the towels & made some appropriately sized binding strips out of scraps & attached it to the bottom of the towel.  Super quick, used scraps & they turned out really cute!  I might have to make some for my own house soon!

scrappy patchwork rug

This is my new scrappy kitchen rug! If it gets spaghetti stains I will just sew more scraps over the stains!  I’m excited to see how this will stand the test of time.

To make a Scrappy Kitchen Rug:

  1. Layer a piece of linen (or other fabric) & batting
  2. Pick scraps (some big, some small), cut off extra threads, square up, etc.
  3. Sew the big scraps on first (edge stitch, leaving raw edges)
  4. Quilt it horizontally about 1.5″ apart
  5. Next  sew the smaller scraps on (I used my smaller scraps to cover any puckers I got from quilting)
  6. Quilt it vertically about 3/8″ apart
  7. Cut another piece of batting plus a backing,
  8. Layer the top, batting & back & attach all the layers together (I used a little circle stitch mode 3, #23 on my Janome Memory craft 6600)
  9. Add some binding

Viola!  A rug!  I will wash it soon & show you how it fluffs up!


W spends most of his days reading.  Sox decided to hop up with him one day & curl up on his back!  A-DOR-A-BLE!!!  Sox likes to snuggle more than any cat I’ve ever met.  I am happy he returned this morning from a 5 day walkabout.  He seems pretty happy & hungry, but he must have been fighting  because he is all scabby.


January layout log cabin

This is the January quilt for the Peace circle of do. Good Stitches.   I asked for scrappy, warm & cool log cabins (with no pink or purple).  I was imagining a different layout, but when I tried it out the design was hard to see.   So I tried this layout & I like it so far.  I will just have to see how it all turns out when I have all the blocks.

February blocks scrappy trip

These are my February blocks for the Peace circle of do. Good Stitches.  We used the Scrappy Trip tutorial  which turned out to be really fun & WAY easier than I expected.  I can’t wait to see this quilt take shape.  (P.S. Can you BELIEVE I finished my blocks so early?!  I’m trying a new thing.  It’s called NOT procrastinating.)

arcadia blocks

I FINALLY pulled out my Arcadia fabric to make a quilt for my bed!  The blocks are done I just need to sew them into a top!  Exciting!!  The colors look a little off in this photo.  (My camera has been taking dark, blurry photos lately…& by lately I mean the entire time I have had it, it just seems worse lately.  Maybe I just suck at photography.)

w's brick quilt

W’s quilt is DONE!!!  I will get good pictures of it someday (or not…) but it’s a pretty basic brick pattern.  Both the boy’s quilts turned out ENORMOUS!  I’m not sure what numbers I was using to determine the size but they are extra wide & long.  Oh well!  They will maybe just get more use out of them as they move into different sized beds!  🙂

stacked coin black raspberry lime

I finally made a back for this quilt & quilted it!  I just need to hand sew the binding & wash it up & it’s done!  YAY!!   This was made using the stacked coin quilt along   at Don’t Call Me Betsy.

So it turns out I got my sewing mojo back!  Yay!

Here are some things I am thinking about making:

  • clothes.  Doll clothes for my nieces, pajama pants for my boys, tank/t-shirt/skirt for me.
  • quilt with curves.  Maybe single girl, drunkard’s path, snake, color wheel, dresdens.
  • pillows for the couch.
  • something with applique.
  • something with hand quilting.
  • I need to start a new knitting project.
  • something with my selvedges.
  • something scrappy.
  • something paper pieced or with a muslin foundation.
  • beard hats & aprons for M&R

Here are some things I am thinking about finishing:

  • Beach bag
  • Summer Sampler
  • Swoon
  • Orange sweater (working on the sleeves!!)
  • Christmas quilt
  • Aprons

I’m hoping my enthusiasm for all of these things continues so I accomplish all of these things by summertime!  Wish me luck!


WIP Wednesday 1.4.2012

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I’ve been wanting to join the linky party over at Lee’s Blog, Freshly Pieced for a few months.  So now to start the new year off right, I’m joining!  Yay!!  I’m hoping by listing it all out, I will have more success in seeing my progress & getting more projects done.  So here I go….

Finished: (in the last few weeks)

potholderPotholder for Christmas

This year the adults in my family decided to forgo drawing names for gifts & play the dice game instead.  You know, the one where you roll the dice & if you get a 7 or doubles you pick a prize, then start to steal from other people.  Anyway, we all brought 2-3 small gifts to throw in the pile.  My sister-in-law got to take this lovely home with her!

fabric boxesFabric boxes

These are made following the Happy Hostess Tutorial.  These are late Christmas gifts for my husband’s Aunt & Grandma.  I looked at my stacks & stacks of fabric & couldn’t pick a single one I thought they would appreciate.  Then brilliance struck & I remembered the tub of “other” fabric I have downstairs.  I think they will like these fabrics a whole lot more than my regular stuff.

ring of starsDecember do. Good Block (Peace)

Using the Ring of Stars Tutorial.  I still have one more to make, but it will happen today.  Super cute block, LOTS of tiny pieces.

4x5 mosaic blocks4×5 blocks

Using the Mod Mosaic Tutorial.  These were super fun to make!

In Progress:

(edit: Just wanted to say, a LOT of these projects are not my current style… Maybe that’s why they are not done??)

Christmas Bento Box QuiltChristmas Quilt

I started this one 2 years ago… The cool thing about this quilt is that 90% of it will be from one scrap pack I bought from my LQS.  Nice!

robbing peter to pay paulSenja’s Quilt

I started this one for my sister about 10 years ago.  For real.  Using the Robbing Peter to Pay Paul pattern from “Quilts from The Quiltmakers gift”.  I WILL finish this someday.

cut loose quiltCut-Loose Quilt

I found the book, “Cut-Loose Quilts” by Jan Mullen at a quilt shop, long ago.  I started working through the techniques in the book & just making whatever I felt like, with hopes of making it all into a sampler quilt someday.  I haven’t worked on this for a couple of years.  I’m not sure of my intentions for it anymore.

trianglesOrange Triangles

I have all these cut out, now what?

sewing machine coverMachine cover

I have the lining finished.  I can’t wait to have something pretty covering my baby!

summer sampler blocksSummer Sampler

I have been the biggest slacker on this one.  3 blocks are done… I will put more effort into this & maybe it will be done by this coming summer!!  🙂

Completed Tops Awaiting Quilting:

Sliced Coins

Boys x 2

To Do:

December ring of stars block

January star blocks

Quilt for my bed

Shower curtain

Pin cushion for me

Works in progress…a list

Here is my ridiculous works in progress list.

I wrote it out the other day.  I had about 12 things & thought “that’s not too bad!” then throughout the day I just kept writing things down.  I really wish I had a craft room so I could  stay organized.

  • Teacher gifts (5 total)

black white and red fabric choices for teachers

  • May blocks for do. Good Stitches

fabric for may do good stitches blocks

  •   Knit a baby hat for Mindy
yarn for mindy's baby?

Probably not going to use these colors, will have to do more digging in my stash.

fabric choices for birthday buddy swap?

T was waiting not so patiently for me to be done so I could play Bionicles with him. Haven't decided what I'm going to make for her yet. Just thinking about it. (Are you opposed to any of these choices MaLora? Or do you see something you like more somewhere in this post?)

  • Spicing Up The Kitchen Swap (partners are not assigned yet)
  •   Something red for Nicole
red/ natural linens

Maybe? (Nicole let me know which red fabric you like the most out of all these pictures in this post.)

  •   Owl pillow for T

fabrics for owl pillow

  • Bed skirts (2)
  • Finish boys quilts (2)
  • Pillows for the living room

tuftes tweets fabric for living room pillows

  •  Sliced coin quilt

  • Cherry House quilt-along
  • HST Orange quilt

  • Single girl pillow
  •  Shower curtain
  • Quilt for my bed
  • Christmas scrappy bento box quilt
  • Apron b&w
  • Apron for Brita (my sister)
  • PJ’s for the boys
  • Senja’s (my other sister) quilt (started this about 10 years ago)
  • Bright wonky sampler quilt (also started about 10 years ago)

It’s nice to see it all in one place but seriously, how will I ever finish all of that?  Especially since I have about 10 days until I start working full-time (only temporarily).  The first 9 need to be done, the other ones are just when I have time.  So I guess that’s not so bad.  But I had better get to work.

Busy as a bee…

Wow… Time really does fly when you’re having fun!  I’ve been busy working on so many projects!  Here are a few…

Cascade Eco Alpaca... so so so soft!

This is the cowl all laid out


Urban Lattice all ready to be sewn up



My 8-year-old held this up for me & kept saying "Ow, this hurts! Ow, this hurts!" so forgive me taking one shot and calling it good!

Stack of triangles ready to be sewn

This is my sewing table right now...

Possible combo for Cherry House Quilt-along

Possible combo for Cherry House Quilt-along

So I am thinking about just making 2 quilts for the Cherry House Quilt-along… They are small, cute, & I can’t decide which color combo I like better.
The other thing I’ve been up to is looking for a new sewing machine.  I have had my current sewing machine for about 10 years.  It is older than me.  It works, but I want to do more than it is able to do. So I am saving my pennies & doing some research.  Hopefully this year will be the year I get a nicer sewing machine!
What kind of sewing machine do you have?  Do you love it or hate it?  Does anyone have a good recommendation for a nice sewing machine that I can free-motion quilt with (& not go broke)?   Or one to stay away from?