Knit Me Now Yarn

My sister, Senja (Sen-ya), dyes some seriously gorgeous yarn.  Last time I saw her she let me pick a skein of her new DK weight yarn to test out.  Lucky me! I cast on a cute, slouchy, cabled hat that I had been dreaming about & finished it up a few days later.  I just couldn’t put it down!  The pattern is called Molly.  I just love how soft & squishy this new yarn is. If you love yourself some yarn, go check out Senja’s Etsy shop KnitMeNow. The yarn I used is the DK weight.  She also has a bunch of sport weight & sock weight listed right now too.  I am pretty sure she will do special orders too, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, let her know & she will dye some up for you!  Just tell her Naomi told you she would!

My new Molly hat




October was a FULL month. 

In October….

  • We participated in lots of Cub Scouts activities.  1 Sr. Webelo + 1 Tiger  + Dad doing the Committee Chair role, Wood Badge, & getting asked to take on a Council position in Scouts is fun but busy!
  • The boys had picture day.  My 1st grader can NOT smile on command.
  • I volunteered at the boy’s schools 7 days. (Yes, they are in 2 different schools, so twice the volunteer opportunities.)
  • My 5th grader had an after-school library party as a reward for reading a TON over the summer.  How cool is that?!
  • I worked 1 day.
  • We sold Popcorn & wreaths for Cub Scouts. (Door-to-door & at a show & sell at a grocery store.)
  • My Mom had her 2nd knee replacement surgery, so we went up to visit her.
  • My husband was away for 2 long weekends.  He also made a day trip to Chicago for work. 
  • I participated in a swap between my do. Good Stitches girls. 
  • It was school hot lunch week so I went to eat lunch with my boys 2 different days.
  • We spent a long MEA break up north. 
  • Our kids got sick.
  • W had a friend over one weekend.
  • I had a whole bunch of migraines & promised myself I would get some help with that.
  • I ordered costumes last minute & vowed to never wait so long again. 
  • I spent a whole day making accessories for costumes & swearing that I would never wait till the last minute again.
  • We had a Halloween party for Cub Scouts, a parade at T’s school, & trick-or-treating at our house with friends & 1 cousin.
  • We did Karate.

Pincushion and ornament

This is the pin cushion & ornament I received for the Peace circle of do. Good stitches swap.  Cute!



Here is the pincushion in action.

HST zig zag blocks

My October blocks for do. Good stitches.  We used the October HST Block of the Month tutorial over at In Color Order. 


My niece in her peacock costume, at the parade.  Isn’t she cute?!  My sister did a great job making her costume.

Ninja boys

My Ninja boys & Sox the white pawed feline.


May, June, July, August, & September blocks…

So it’s the end of September.  This month has flown by.  We have been so busy with karate, cub scouts, a garage sale, & trying to get on a good schedule for school, that the month has almost passed me by!  I won’t say I’m enjoying my days as a stay-at-home-mom-with-no-kids-at-home, but I’m not NOT enjoying them either.

I just don’t have it all figured out yet.

The biggest thing I need to work on is getting on some sort of schedule.  Last week I actually planned a week’s worth of food & managed to buy everything I needed & cook all week!  Amazing!  But now I have a fridge full of leftovers & no one who wants to eat them.  So this week I’m not cooking.  We need to eat the leftovers.  😦 I am just finding it hard to be motivated with all this silence around me.  But now that the garage sale is over with, maybe I will feel like I can get on to the super productive schedule I want to be on.  The one where I clean for like an hour every day & sew the rest of the time & my meals are easy & planned ahead of time.  Sounds perfect, right?

Anyway, I guess I haven’t shown a bunch of blocks for my do. Good Stitches quilting bee.  So, here they are…

May blocks

May: I was the quilter for May.  I still need to put the quilt together.  I’m just a little late.  Used Positively Perfect tutorial.

June blocks

June: Used the Reverse Rainbow Star tutorial.

July Blocks

July: Used the Cracker Scraps tutorial.

August Blocks

August: Used the Kaleidoscope  tutorial.

September BlocksSeptember: Used the string-x with a scrappy variation tutorial.

Enjoy the rest of September!

XOXO, Naomi


Things have been quiet on this little blog of mine.  I’ve been feeling bad about that. 

I’m currently struggling through a strange, frustrating period in my life.  I can’t figure out the cause & I am so confused as to why I am having such a hard time.  All I really want to do is sit on the couch & stare, like someone in a catatonic state.  Creepy!  In my pajamas, of course.  Sometimes I feel like eating junk, sometimes I have no appetite at all.   I can NOT get motivated to accomplish anything.  Not sewing, working out, cleaning, leaving the house… Usually if I felt like this, my mind would be aflutter with thoughts & feelings & I would eventually work things out & feel better.  But no, I’m like a blank slate inside.  No thoughts, just quiet. 


Maybe it has something to do with the 7 days in a row I’ve had a migraine, maybe it has to do with my Dad’s  ATV accident (he’s got broken ribs & a broken collar bone, but he is fine), or maybe it’s something else entirely.  Truth is, I have been feeling this coming on for a while now, but haven’t wanted to admit something was weird.  I wish I could put my finger on what was wrong. 

So, until I feel back to normal things might continue to be a bit quiet here.  Hang in there, this too shall pass…


I went to work today.  At my job out of the house.  You know, the one I go to once or twice a month. 

It was such. a. long. day.  I am so thankful I don’t go to my job everyday.  Here was my day…

4:45: Alarm goes off. I hit snooze & sleep an extra 9 minutes.

4:54: Get into the shower, half asleep.

5:15:  Get dressed, makeup, do hair. Think to myself “I might be running early.”

5:30: I realize I still need to get out clothes for the kids, wake them up, eat breakfast, make my lunch,  get everything out to the truck, & feed the cat. In 15 minutes… Good thing I packed their back packs the night before.

5:45: Open the door to the garage & see that the light has been on in the truck all night. Luckily it starts.

5:54: Successfully get my kids and all our stuff in the truck & on our way to my awesome friend’s house, to drop off the kids.

6:10-6:54: Drive to work.  Eat some breakfast while driving.

6:55-7:00: Change into scrubs and get my things put away.

7:00-4:30: Normal OR duties: opening rooms, scrubbing cases, cleaning rooms, cleaning instruments, wrapping instruments, managing autoclaves,  20 minutes for lunch, almost no down time, one bathroom break…On my feet all day.

4:30-5:40: Change, drive home in the crazy Friday night rush hour traffic…

5:40: Pull into the garage, get the best greeting from T, hold back tears when I try to stand after sitting for so long. Ouch!

5:45-bedtime: Lay on the couch & crab at everyone because I am tired & emotionally exhausted. 

Conclusions from my overtired brain…

My shower & hair were wasted.  I wear a hat all day so my hair looks like crap by the end of the day, & the first case of the day I had to wear a lead apron for about 2 hours so I had change my shirt due to all the sweetiness (ewww). 

Sleeping that extra 9 minutes only hurt me & put me behind, all day.

9 hours on my feet is too long.

My husband is my hero.  He goes to work everyday, drives an hour each way, & most days he comes home with a smile.  Maybe he’s just so glad to be out of the car!

I got no sewing done.


WIP Wednesday 2.29.2012

Hello again, friends! 

Before we start this WIP Wednesday post, let me show you something exciting!

Snow day

WE GOT SNOW!!  Normally I wouldn’t be so excited about snow, but it has been a mostly snow-less winter here in my part of Minnesota.  Major disappointment!  Last night during dinner, it started to rain, then it quickly turned into sleet.  By the time we went to bed, we had maybe 1 inch of snow.  This morning I was awoken by the phone ringing with a recorded message from the school district saying that school was cancelled!  When I went outside to feed the cat, I had to put boots on!  (This is shocking because all winter my kids have been feeding the cat in their bare feet or socks & hanging out with him on the front step & beyond.) We probably got a good 6 inches of snow & it is still coming down!!  I called my husband so he could explain how to use the snow-blower & I cleared the driveway!  I usually just shovel, but this snow is HEAVY!  I wasn’t sure my husband would even be able to get in the driveway when he got home, so I figured I better just bite the bullet.  It was actually pretty fun!  Anyway, I will be enjoying this snow day playing games with the kids & hopefully doing a little sewing!  What are you going to do?

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

(Let me apologize for the radio silence for the last 2 weeks…Sorry!  Life kind of got busy & I made the decision to live my life & enjoy it, instead of stressing about getting a blog post written.  That’s okay, right?! 🙂 )

I have almost nothing to show for my long break.  But by showing you all almost nothing, I am hoping I get motivated to accomplish something to show you next week!



Webelos Patch – Yeah, I know, totally boring… I got W’s Webelos patch sewed onto his Cub Scout uniform.  He’s only had it since December…


In Progress:


January Quilt for do. Good Stitches –  Last time I talked about this quilt I said,  “I am hoping to make big progress on all of that, this week.”  …

I made a little progress, but no BIG progress.  I’m trimming the star points & the next step is putting all 20 – 4″ blocks together!  So, I am close!  I find trimming to be mind-numbingly boring, so I set up a little lap table to cut on while I watch TV.  As long as I don’t get distracted & cut wrong, it works pretty well!  My goal is to finish this quilt by March 15th.  (There, I said it, so now I have to do it, right?)

No Progress:

Senja’s Quilt

Cut-Loose Quilt

Machine cover

Summer Sampler


Christmas Quilt

Orange Triangles

Completed Tops Awaiting Quilting:

Sliced Coins

W’s Brick Quilt

To Do:

March blocks for do. Good Stitches

Quilt for my bed

Shower curtain

Pin cushion for me

 Head over to Lee’s Blog, Freshly Pieced, to see what everyone else is working on!

The Perils of Bargain Shopping

I know you were all so looking forward to my WIP Wednesday post yesterday ;), but I have to apologize, I was just too busy.  Hopefully I can get it together for next week!

Yesterday, I started the morning by driving to the airport so my Momma could fly away to more sunshine.  Then, I decided since I was down that way, I should stop at a few stores I always want to go to.  (Plus, I was BY MYSELF!! No kids pulling at me, begging for Legos!!)

I found…

1 shower curtain liner

2 pairs of workout pants (1 will be returned due to their ugliness)

3 various baskets to organize with

1 box of cute cards

(at TJ Maxx)


2 sweatshirts for lounging around the house

3 pairs of jeans for W (1 lined, his favorite)

1 pair of overalls for T (for a school dress-up day)

1 wool pea-coat for me ($9!!!)

(at Goodwill)

Bargain shopping

I got all of this for around $100…  I felt like bargain shopper of the year!  I felt bad spending the money at first, but I found some amazing deals & would have spent many times more than that if I had bought these things for regular prices.

After my shopping excursion, I got home just in time to welcome my 2 crazy boys home from school.  We did a little homework, I started dinner… & that’s when my bargain shopping started biting me in the a $$.

You see, the other day I found some boneless chicken breasts in a twin pack (the package said 3-4 breasts per package), for a really good price.  I am not sure I had ever seen them that cheap.  So, of course, I bought some.  I threw one in the freezer & one in the fridge, all along thinking, “Enough chicken for 2 meals, Wow, what a good deal!”  So, I pulled the package out to make dinner, planning to just bake them in the oven.

(Did I ever tell you I HATE cooking?  I mean I can’t stand it.  I like doing it for a crowd for some reason, you know, the “special” meals like Thanksgiving & Christmas, but the day-to-day dinner cooking sucks.  I hate planning meals, I hate cooking meals, by the time I’m done cooking, I hate eating the meal, &  I hate cleaning up after meals.  Plus, I am the ONLY one in my family who cooks or does dishes,  so I rarely get a break from food.  (Yes, my husband can make pizza or anything frozen, but that’s about it.)  I am picky, my son W is picky, my husband claims to not be picky, but is, a little.  The only one in my family who will eat ANYTHING is T.  I just feel like my time is wasted in the kitchen.  So we eat a lot of really boring, easy things like spaghetti, tacos, & baked chicken.)

Well, it turns out that they weren’t so much boneless, as they were bone-IN, & there weren’t 3-4 breasts per package, but 2 breasts per package.  (If you were paying attention, you will remember that this was a twin pack, so I have 1 more package just like this waiting in my freezer.  If only I had thawed both at the same time!! )  So I was standing there staring at 2 tiny, bony chicken breasts, wondering how in the heck I was going to bake them up & feed my hungry family. 


Then my brilliant, life-saving husband comes in & saves the day.  He said, “Why don’t you just cut them up, fry them in a pan & make noodles?”  I mean, it sounded disgusting, & I really didn’t want to touch those poor, bony, breasts long enough to cut them up, but what could I do?  So I found a Lipton Parmesan noodle package in the cupboard (I don’t normally make these, I’m sure I bought them because they were a real deal one day), made that, fried up the chicken pieces, & everyone got a very small portion of chicken & noodles.  I thought it was pretty gross, W said the chicken tasted awesome (quite the compliment, since he usually GAGS whenever he has to eat meat), my husband ate without complaints (although he looked like he wanted to complain, a little), & T said it was… the best meal we ever had!  Weird.  Oh well, I guess next time I buy chicken I will read the package a little better, & investigate why something might be so cheap.  Maybe a little better planning would be a good idea too.  Hopefully my other “bargains” don’t turn out so poorly!

What are some of your favorite places to find a deal?  Wanna share your favorite quick & easy meals with me?

4×5 Blocks

4x5 4th quarter hive 6 by linen&string
4×5 4th quarter hive 6, a photo by linen&string on Flickr.

Life around here has been crazy so I had to put off making my blocks for the 4×5 modern bee. I had different plans for my blocks but decided I needed to do something less precise so I could actually get them done on time! I’m not sure these blocks were faster than my original plan, but they sure were fun! I used the Mod Mosaic tutorial from Oh Frannson! I used a whole lot of scraps & really love how they came together. I hope my fellow bee members like their blocks! Have a safe & happy new years weekend!

Reality Vs. Fantasy

I had a rough day yesterday.  I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately that show these amazing women doing it all.  Beautiful, clean, decorated homes, gorgeous quilts, baking, being published, raising kids… Usually, I find the peeks into their “lives” motivating.  Yesterday, I found it all overwhelming.

How on earth can I keep up?  My house is a mess, the dishes aren’t done, there’s a pile of laundry waiting to be put away, I don’t have dinner planned for tonight let alone the next week or month, I’m in my pajamas until noon, I haven’t touched my sewing machine for 2 weeks…

Don’t even get me started on my “goals” for myself.  I am nowhere near where I want to be “professionally”.  (By professionally I mean, the sewing/quilting/knitting career I have in the back of my mind, that I haven’t done much about starting.) I have so many thoughts on what I would like to do someday, but then realize that my life would be turned upside down by a lot of my plans.  I’m just not sure what’s realistic for me.

So, I spent a while talking my husband’s ear off about how inadequate I feel.  I realized, I can’t compare myself to these other women.  I just can’t.  They aren’t me.  I am not them.  I have no idea how happy they are, how much money they make, how clean their homes are day-to-day, how in control they REALLY feel.  Most bloggers share the positive & keep the negative to themselves & I think that’s okay.

Sometimes, you just need a reality check.

Then, this morning I read this blog post & just smiled.  It illustrates my point, exactly.  Just because you see perfection all over the blogosphere, does not mean it’s reality.  These women have messy homes, they lose sleep over deadlines, they don’t make a home-cooked meal every night, they feel the pressure to succeed, they are insecure, they feel inadequate, they are not perfect.

And neither am I.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I’m exhausted after having my husband’s side of the family over for Thanksgiving!  We had 19 people over.  Here is a crazy picture of me with my first turkey ever.  I was so happy  turned out okay.  It was super juicy & yummy!  I’m so thankful for my faith, my family, my friends & my health.  I couldn’t ask for more…