October was a FULL month. 

In October….

  • We participated in lots of Cub Scouts activities.  1 Sr. Webelo + 1 Tiger  + Dad doing the Committee Chair role, Wood Badge, & getting asked to take on a Council position in Scouts is fun but busy!
  • The boys had picture day.  My 1st grader can NOT smile on command.
  • I volunteered at the boy’s schools 7 days. (Yes, they are in 2 different schools, so twice the volunteer opportunities.)
  • My 5th grader had an after-school library party as a reward for reading a TON over the summer.  How cool is that?!
  • I worked 1 day.
  • We sold Popcorn & wreaths for Cub Scouts. (Door-to-door & at a show & sell at a grocery store.)
  • My Mom had her 2nd knee replacement surgery, so we went up to visit her.
  • My husband was away for 2 long weekends.  He also made a day trip to Chicago for work. 
  • I participated in a swap between my do. Good Stitches girls. 
  • It was school hot lunch week so I went to eat lunch with my boys 2 different days.
  • We spent a long MEA break up north. 
  • Our kids got sick.
  • W had a friend over one weekend.
  • I had a whole bunch of migraines & promised myself I would get some help with that.
  • I ordered costumes last minute & vowed to never wait so long again. 
  • I spent a whole day making accessories for costumes & swearing that I would never wait till the last minute again.
  • We had a Halloween party for Cub Scouts, a parade at T’s school, & trick-or-treating at our house with friends & 1 cousin.
  • We did Karate.

Pincushion and ornament

This is the pin cushion & ornament I received for the Peace circle of do. Good stitches swap.  Cute!



Here is the pincushion in action.

HST zig zag blocks

My October blocks for do. Good stitches.  We used the October HST Block of the Month tutorial over at In Color Order. 


My niece in her peacock costume, at the parade.  Isn’t she cute?!  My sister did a great job making her costume.

Ninja boys

My Ninja boys & Sox the white pawed feline.



Halloween 2011

Halloween seemed to last WAY too long this year.  We had a Cub Scout party, a parade for T, school party for W, a field trip to the pumpkin patch for T, & of course Trick-or-Treating.  It was a whole week of celebrating Fall.

Don’t get me wrong, it was fun, just a little much.

bat polka dot and ghost pumpkin

We carved pumpkins the day before Halloween.  T & Daddy-o carved the batty bat.  I used the drill for the polka-dots.  W drew the ghost & cut most of it on his own!  I helped him a little but he did the lion’s share of the work.  I was so proud of him!  He is really growing up & becoming so independent this year!

ghost pumpkin

bat pumpkin

kids halloween costumesThis year T got to watch the Star Wars movies so he decided to be Han Solo.  No one knew who he was…  Does that mean I did a bad job on the costume??  He really loved it so I guess that is what matters most.

I made him a vest out of flannel (because I didn’t have time to go to the store & get anything else…) from the cute tutorial here.

I also made him brown flannel pants (pajama pants) from Simplicity #9499.  I have made them a few times before & my boys love them.  I have made the shirt from the pattern too & it turns out so cute & comfy!  They are W’s favorite sleep shirts!

He wore W’s white button-down shirt, W’s black mud boots, a belt, & a holster with a real-looking cap gun.  I offered to make him a more authentic looking Han Solo shirt but he was sure that W’s shirt was what he wanted.

Last year W was Harry Potter & he decided last year to be Dumbledore for this year.  I didn’t have it in me to make him a costume, so I ordered it.  He was thrilled with it & the costume cost me less than it would have to make it, so I was thrilled too!  He wore his full costume to the Cub Scout party & won 3rd prize!  The wig & beard proved to be a HUGE hassle, so he decided not to wear it to his school party.  I found a cute tutorial for a beard & mustache made out of felt & whipped it up the night before he needed it.  (I actually stayed up looking at Pinterest, then as I was headed up to bed realized I forgot to make the beard!!  Bad Mom!  Luckily it went really quick.)  I also made him a wig out of thin polar fleece.  Not my finest work but it was quick & he liked it so I don’t feel too bad.

alternate beard and mustache and wig(This is T modeling it since I don’t have any pictures with W.)

I did a lousy job taking pictures.  I usually do some inside, you know, with light… I was convinced my pictures would turn out in the half-darkness I was attempting to capture.  Oh well.  Maybe I should take a photography class soon.

Hope you are all enjoying Fall!

Halloween Pillow

So I had this cute Riley Blake Halloween panel (that I got in a scrap bag, holla!!) sitting around my sweet, new crafting area,  (I need to come up with a better name for my crafting area…  craft nook? sewing corner? Got any ideas people??) & my youngest child saw it.  On Sunday, we were all home not feeling our best, (sore throats, headaches, blah feeling) when he started asking me to do this or that with him.  I felt yucky, so kept saying no & feeling bad about it.  He suddenly had a light-bulb moment & asked if I felt good enough to sew!  Then he proceeded to tell me he REALLY wanted me to make him a new quilt with the Halloween fabric I had!  How could I say No to that?! So, I talked him down to a pillow.  I just didn’t have it in me to start another quilt right now since I feel guilty enough about the ones I haven’t finished yet.  We talked about how it should look & what we could really do with what little bit of fabric we had.  I drew out my plan for him, got approval,  & got started.

I should have taken more pictures but, remember, I felt yucky.

I did my first REAL free motion quilting! Here’s a look from the back side…

free motion quilting

I was amazed at how well the quilting went!  I mean, it won’t win any awards or anything but, I got the job done without any real problems.  Yes, my stitch length needs some practice & I made a few bumpy spots where I wasn’t planning bumps.  I was trying to make the quilting look like topography.  It was a very forgiving way to quilt!  I got the idea here.  I am so in love with my new sewing machine!!  (Janome Memory Craft 6600)

Anyway…this is how it turned out!  My son loves it! My favorite part is the black & white circle print on the edges.  It’s like the ghost is saying “oooooooooo!!!!

Halloween pillow

Happy Halloween to all of you!