Good-bye Summer! *sniff, sniff*


We had a wonderful summer.

I’m so sad to send the kids to school today!  I am going to miss hanging out with them so much!  I think I only sewed twice this summer.  Yikes!  But I’m okay with that because we had a lot of other summer fun.

I always feel like summer goes by so fast & I don’t make a real effort to make awesome summer memories with my kids. When school starts I  usually regret not trying harder.  But this year has been different.  We  made an effort to have fun together daily, not just on our vacations. At the beginning of summer we made a list of things we wanted to be sure to do.  We didn’t get to them all  but we did A LOT more this summer than we usually do.

Here’s some of what we did:

  •  found a park with awesome bike trails
  • went camping in the Boundary Waters
  • summer reading program at the library
  • spent time at the pool & beach
  • had water fights
  • ran through the sprinkler
  • camped in our backyard
  • played kickball
  • went to the movies & ate so much popcorn we almost puked
  • made homemade play-dough
  • discovered shapes in the clouds
  • went tubing
  • played lots of Legos
  • made s’mores
  • had a picnic
  • played Monopoly, Uno, Crazy 8’s, Yahtzee, & Battleship
  • spent time up north with cousins
  • read like crazy
  • looked for shooting stars
  • camped on the north shore
  • fought the waves of Lake Superior
  • went hiking
  • saw the lift bridge in action
  • got LOTS of exercise at karate.



Today my kids go off to 1st & 5th grades!  I can’t even imagine how they can be that old already!  This will be a challenging year for me, because this is the first time in 10 years that I don’t really have a reason to be home during the day.  My kids will be off, doing their own thing, not really needing me.  I mean, yes, they need me & always will, but I’m serving no purpose all day long while they are at school.  I’m hoping I get on a great schedule & get lots accomplished.  I should have time, for the first time in a long time, to get all my not so fun tasks done, along with my fun things too!  I’m looking forward to it, but hoping I don’t end up feeling like a waste of space…  🙂 I have some thoughts in my head about what else I could do, but for now, I’m not making any big decisions.

So, farewell Summer!  You’ve treated us well, I look forward to you visiting us again!


Summer fun


So time has gotten away from me a little…  I haven’t been sewing much lately because I have had company.  My nieces from Iowa & my in-laws came to spend some time with us!  We had plenty of fun, maybe a little too much fun!  We showed the girls a grand old-time.  I’m sure they will be begging to come visit again soon!

We spent some time at the park, the pool, Como zoo, the arboretum, & the wildlife refuge.  We slept in a tent, had s’mores, planted flowers, made muffins & pancakes & french toast, tried out knitting,  had a splashy good time in the back yard, & the kids all had a great time playing with their cousins!

pool timePool time!

pig tailsI did A’s hair!  I love her naturally curly hair!  She let me fix it many times while she was here.  🙂

fountainThe girls playing in the fountain at Como.

koi pondWatching the fish!  I thought L was going to try to grab one!

four kidsOne of the better pictures I got of all four kids together. (T’s lips are all blue from the Sonic the Hedgehog ice cream treat he had earlier.)

learning about eaglesWe went to the wildlife refuge.  Here we are reading about what eagles eat.

We saw:

Eagles & their nest, Canadian geese, a Swan, ducks, lots of deer flies & mosquitos,  other birds & lots of pretty flowers.

We usually see more wildlife, but it was pretty hot, so I’m assuming they were somewhere trying to stay cool.

kids picking the tent siteA & T were showing me where they wanted to set up the tent.

eating s'moresThe girls hadn’t tried S’mores before.  They can’t say that anymore!!

kids in tentLast night at Auntie & Uncle’s house…

We slept in the tent to give A her first experience sleeping outside!  She loved it!  I’m so glad we didn’t do it the night before because it stormed REALLY hard!

It was wonderful spending so much time with A&L!  The last time we saw them was at Christmas, so I hope next time isn’t such a long time!

kona cottons for summer samplerThis is the fabric I’m using for the Summer Sampler Series Quilt Along.

summer sampler blocksHere are my first two blocks! I love the fabrics all stacked up together but I’m seeing ketchup & mustard when I put the blocks together so far…  But I guess ketchup & mustard is summery!  🙂

I was hoping to buy my new sewing machine  & start re-doing the kid’s bedroom this week, but my husband lost his job on Tuesday.  😦 So I will be holding off on all extra expenses until he is employed again!

So cross your fingers & toes & hope that he finds a job he loves soon!  If you know of any great Mechanical Engineering jobs out there, let me know.